Doom · Total Doom 2LP (White)


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Doom · Total Doom 2LP (White)

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A1 Relief Pt. 2  
A2 Police Bastard  
A3 Diseased  
A4 Circles  
A5 Means To An End  
B1 No Thought  
B2 Black Monday  
B3 Nazi Die  
B4 Agree To Differ  
B5 War On Our Doorstep  
B6 Bury The Debt, Not The Dead  
B7 Life In Freedom, Governed By Love  
B8 Days Go By  
B9 Sold Out Scene  
B10 Free Yourself  
C1 Confusion (Intro)  
C2 Life Lock  
C3 Slave To Convention  
C4 A Dream To Come True  
C5 Drowning The Mainstream  
C6 Same Mind  
C7 Relief  
C8 After The Bomb  
C9 Stop-Gap  
C10 Scared  
D1 Sick Joke  
D2 Natural Abuse  
D3 Exploitation  
D4 Beat The Boss  
D5 Money Drug  
D6 Fear Of The Future  
D7 No Religion  
D8 Phobia For Change  
D9 Multinationals  
D10 Obscenity  
D11 War Crimes

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